All testimonials were made approximately June 28, 2013.

I have worked with Tom on several challenging on-site waste water disposal projects in the West Kootenays and he has impressed me with his knowledge of the field and his professionalism.  He has an enviable ability to work well with clients; both with understanding their requirements and developing cost-effective and practical solutions to each situation.  I highly recommend Bio2 to owners and developers who need comprehensive on-site waste water treatment and disposal design and installation services.

Daniel Watterson, P.Geo. LHG


Tom has been designing systems for me and my clients since 2010. He is a pleasure to work with. He has been able to maintain a 100% close rate with the clients that I have sent to him. His drawings and specifications are clear and detailed. He is innovative and flexible and can quickly adapt designs to unforeseen circumstances in the field. He is quick to respond to proposals for alternate materials or designs.  There have been no complaints.

Stuart Nelson, Silverton Transport , Silverton, BC


As a general contractor who has been in the construction industry for over thirty years, I found Tom Smith of Bio2 Engineering, to be a very resourceful and pleasant person to work with. I first used his engineering services in 2008. Smith was very skilled, had a great personality and exhibited an excellent work ethic.

I have since met Smith numerous times at educational conventions, where he has always continued to further his knowledge in the industry. He is very dedicated to his profession of engineering and I found him to be a positive person to be around.

Gunnar Kristensen, ROWP, Barriere Backhoe Services, Barriere, BC


Tom Smith, P.Eng. Is a professional engineer and an associate who I have known for a number of years. I have had the privilege of working together with him on a number of Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Dispersal System projects. Tom is a careful and through designer of Onsite Treatment Systems as he carefully considers the important aspects which influence the function of the system, such as soil texture, flow characteristics and the required effluent quality of the completed process.

I recommend him to potential clients as a through competent designer engineer and an engineer who provides the required support for system construction. Finally, he will verify the function of the system and its ability to meet design, and provincial regulations.

Dick Bartel, P.Eng. P.E., Vernon, BC


Tom Smith (Bio2 Engineering) did an excellent sewage system design for us. We were impressed with his breadth of knowledge and even more with his work ethic and his professionalism. He was also very patient with our questions and concerns as the system went in, taking great care to explain a complex process and to make sure we understood the details. I recommend him highly.

Linda Farr Darling, Vancouver and Rosebery, BC


I would like to thank you for the thorough and excellent work you did for me during my recent subdivision. There were no complaints or additional requirement requests made by the regional district or the health authorities and your work was done in a timely manner, making it easier for me to advance my subdivision application. Thanks for answering my questions and guiding me through the process. 

Herman Manarin, Castlegar, BC


It has been my pleasure to work with Tom Smith of Bio2 Engineering. I have found him to be knowledgeable and helpful, providing me with options of how to best complete the project at hand. He completes his work in a timely manner and is consistently on time, even when meeting in remote locations. He is personable, professional, and extremely competent. In short, Tom Smith of Bio2 Engineering is excellent to work with and I look forward to working with him on future projects.

David Lynnes, Creston, BC


Tom Smith designed and arranged for the installation of a septic system for us.  He took time to test the soil for the correct location and explained the various aspects of a septic system.  As well he handled all the necessary paperwork required for the project.   His work was done in a timely and professional manner. 

Andrew and Barb, Silverton, BC


We called on Bio2 Engineering to install our second septic system. The sky was the limit but not our budget so we ended up settling for a classic Type I system with the addition of a flout box. Despite the fact that the first system was installed by a meticulous professional it does not drain nearly as well (it uses mostly one third of one out of three drainage pipes) as the one we installed ourselves with Bio2 Engineering which drains the length of all three pipes every time.

Laure Bourely, Slocan Park, BC


I would like to take this opportunity to briefly outline our experience with Tom Smith, P. Eng. in designing and certifying our new house sewage system. Tom provided the following Engineering services:

  1. Site Survey of proposed sewage treatment site and disposal field.
  2. Soil Profile, Site Familiarization, Permeameter Testing
  3. Prepare detailed design drawings for sewage treatment and disposal system.
  4. Carry out inspections to ensure the construction and installation works are in accordance with the design drawings.
  5. Conduct system function inspection to ensure system operates as designed.
  6. Provide system certification, Maintenance Plan and As-Built Drawing

Tom carried out the assignment in a timely manner, on budget, and provided recommended system design to meet regulatory requirements within limited site conditions. He worked closely with our project planner and contractors to get the job done, and provided necessary on site testing and inspections. Overall, we are satisfied that the Septic System meets our needs and provides appropriate environmental protection using a modern treatment system.

Ken Smith, New Denver, BC